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P.O. Box 1097, 101 Main Street
Cooke City, Montana

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Owners of the Cooke City Store

I (Troy Wilson) started coming to the Cooke City area in 1977. My grandparents retired and
grandpa started working in Yellowstone National Park. A couple of years later my grandparents started spending the summers in Cooke City at a RV park that they were managing. I would travel from Billings, Montana, with my parents to visit quite often and would always come for a week-long stay at sometime during the summers. I fell in love with Cooke City and at the age of 13 wanted to spend my summers there, so my grandpa visited with Ralph and Sue Glidden, owners of the Cooke City Store at that time, about me having a job there for the upcoming summer. My grandpa thought I was shy and by working at the store I would overcome that. Well let's just say "it worked".

During the summer of 1984, at age 14, I started working at the Cooke City Store. My parents (Rod and Laura Wilson) purchased the RV park in Cooke City that my grandparents were managing. There was a small a-frame cabin at the RV park which became my home away from home for the next 10 summers as I continued to work at the Cooke City Store. I have many great memories of those summers and met lots of interesting characters.

In 1988 Beth Wilson (Gould) was working at the B-4 Ranch just a few miles down the road from Cooke City. We became friends that summer and never looked back. Beth worked her first summer at the store in 1990. Beth spent the summer of 1991 working in Billings, although she did come to Cooke City and visit me frequently. We were married in May of 1992 and worked at the Cooke City Store for 2 more summers. We graduated from college and Beth thought it was time for me to get a "real job".

Beth Wilson became a Certified Public Accountant and I became a Real Estate Agent. We both were successful at our careers and continued to spend many weekends in Cooke City, but we both always wanted to spend more time in what we considered paradise.

Ralph and Sue Glidden, who over the years have become great friends, asked us if we would like to purchase the Cooke City Store when it came time for them to retire. Beth and I instantly said we would love the opportunity. We started to save money and gear up for a life change. In 1999 our daughter was born.

We spent the summer of 2003 working side by side with Ralph and Sue at the Cooke City Store. In October of 2003 we fulfilled our dreams by purchasing the Cooke City General Store. We are very excited about all the challenges and fun times ahead of us. We look forward to serving the residents and the tourists of this great town of Cooke City.

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